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The perfect hunting experience

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Early reports of hunting in Bulgaria date back to the 6th century.

And today, it's stronger than ever: a huge selection of game to hunt, a great base, awesome trophies and reasonable prices.

Bulgaria is a country located in Southeastern Europe, more specifically in the eastern part of the Balkan Peninsula. It is bordered on the east by the Black Sea, on the south by Greece and Turkey, on the west by Serbia and Macedonia and the north border with Romania is the Danube River. Bulgaria is a member of the European Union.

Geographical location, topography, climate, soil fertility, water resources and other natural conditions contribute to the development of all types of game in European-Siberian and Mediterranean zoogeographical regions in Bulgaria.

These assumptions determine the existence of extremely rich and diverse flora and fauna, preserved wildlife and game populations with spectacular beauty and power.

One of the most ancient human activities is hunting and fishing. Back in times, they were a source of food, clothing and security for development and survival of humankind. With the advent of agriculture in its two varieties, crop and animal production, and mainly the sedentary lifestyle, the material basis became not only the nature resources (including game), but human production.

Game hunting and fishing has changed from providing food and clothing for the family to a sport and hobby for rich people. Hunting trophies decorate the castles and palaces and become an integral, indispensable part of the interior of homes of nobles and kings. Possession of rich hunting/fishing collections is a matter of honor for many natural science museums around the world.

Hunting themes enter poetry, literature, fine arts. Still life for example frequently uses hunting scenes and shot game.

Scenes of hunting and fishing are recreated in paintings, sculptures, poems, short stories, novels, and theater and film productions. Most jokes are on hunting and fishing topic, and when one tells such jokes after an exhaustive hunting experience or a successful fishing near the campfire, these moments will be unforgettable.

At the same time, hunting and fishing organizations emerged, together with exhibitions. These processes did influence our country.

In Bulgaria, hunting and fishing became organized movement and are regulated by law since the nineteenth century.

Game population is under a supervision, there are hunting seasons established from state forest and game reserves, forestries, breeding small and big game: bears, tibetan yak, red deer, roe deer, wild boar, chamois, mouflon, capercaillie, rabbit, partridge, pheasant, quail, turtle dove, woodcock, wood pigeon, goose, wild duck and other game species with high trophy characteristics.
Bulgarian hunting trophies have won many prestigious international awards. So far Bulgaria has:

2850 – golden medals
1635 – silver medals
1087 – bronze medals

Bulgaria already has four world records of red deer:

Highest rating for one of them is 273.60 CIC points. (“Northeastern Bulgaria-Karakus” region)

The world record for leather of a wild cat:

Rated at 82.99 CIC points.

World record for wild boar for 18 years until 2004:

Rated at 158.20 CIC points.

In the seventies hunting and fishing has changed from a hobby to business. International hunting and fishing tourism has started its quick development as a form of alternative tourism.

Geographical location of Bulgaria itself provides a very diverse nature, which will charm you with its beauty. Population of wild animals will give you wonderful sensations and unforgettable hunting and fishing experience. You will be able to touch these natural resources, walk in places where you have never been. Thus, you will be sure that these views will make you come back here, because you will experience wonderful moments to remember for a lifetime.

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